Homemade: Strawberry Sugar Scrub

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Mike’s younger sister Casey stays with us, since she has tennis lessons in our neighborhood Tuesday afternoons. Like any 8th grade kid on summer vacation, things get boring when your friends aren’t around. So we decided that each week or so, we’d do a new craft. This week – sugar scrubs!

On our sugar scrub craft day, we started with the most complicated scrub recipe – the Strawberry Sugar Scrub. I found the base for the recipe on Cookies & Calligraphy, a blog I found through Pinterest, and we got started!


Along the way, we found out we had to make some adjustments to the recipe we found. The recipe called for freeze dried strawberries, and linked to these Simply Balanced Dried Strawberries on Amazon.  The blog had made it look so easy to crush these strawberries to a fine powder… and it was NOT. Either the product the blog had linked to had changed, or we were supposed to freeze these babies ourselves, but there was no way we were crushing these gummy, dried strawberries to a pulp. Instead, I threw the whole bag into my Ninja food processor until they made a gummy strawberry ball.

casey stirring strawberry scrub

Note the consistency here — it’s not as smooth as it would have been with just 1 cup of oil, or with the powdered freeze dried strawberries. But the end result was great!

Then, we mixed with what the original recipe called for – 1 cup each of sugar and coconut oil, plus a tablespoon of vanilla extract. We found that, because the strawberries didn’t form a powder, we had to add about 3/4 cups more of sugar to get a good consistency scrub. 3 drops of red food coloring for a pinkish glow and we had our very first scrub!


As for labels – we didn’t have any special stickers or labels made, but we did have pink post it notes! We simply cut a block from the sticky area, stuck a label the top, and affixed it with a cut of clear packing tape. We ended up wrapping the mason jars in gold and silver twine for the finishing touches.

Here’s a shareable recipe block below. We thought this scrub would make a great gift for Galentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

strawberry scrub

Shareable recipe for our strawberry scrub


Interested in the other two flavors in our featured images? Check out the recipes for our Coconut Lime Scrub and our Lavender Scrub in the coming days!

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