Homemade: Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Hi there! Welcome to the second edition of my sugar scrub craft day with Mike’s sister Casey. Next up? Coconut Lime.

Like with the Strawberry Scrub, we started with a recipe base I found on Pinterest – this recipe from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Our setup was the same – coconut oil, sugar, and this lime essential oil I bought on Amazon 2 days before.

Instead of simply mixing in the coconut oil, this recipe called for us to melt the oil first. In the spirit of trying all of the different approaches to making the scrubs, we melted a cup of oil to use in this scrub – and it’s a good thing we did! I admit it – adding a whole cup was an oops on my part, since the recipe only called for 1/4! But, this was an experiment day for us, so to make up for the mess up, we used 3 cups of sugar, instead of one, to create the scrub. The whole thing actually worked out great — we had enough to fill all 4 of the jars we set aside for this flavor scrub, and we liked the consistency a lot better with all 3 cups of sugar and the whole cup of coconut oil in the mix.


We also loved the lime smell – so instead of the 10 drops the original recipe called for, we added 25. At this point, we had decided to give some of these jars as gifts to Casey’s friends, so we wanted them to smell GREAT. This time, we dropped in 3 drops of green food coloring to get this outrageous color, and voila! Just like with the strawberry, we also labelled this mini jar with a green post it clipping, and gave the finishing touches with some gold and silver twine.


Here’s a shareable recipe block below. Casey thought this would be a great gift for St. Patrick’s Day (Leprechaun Day, as we’ve been calling it) – but I’m a big fan of giving this tropical, bright gift for a summer birthday or hostess gift.

lime scrub

Shareable recipe for our coconut lime scrub


Stay tuned for the final post in this 3 part project — a Calming Lavender scrub! Did you miss the first one? Check out our Strawberry Sugar Scrub here

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