Homemade: Lavender Sugar Scrub

If you’ve been reading, you know that my first full craft set (and set of posts!) on the blog has been featuring the sugar scrubs I made with Mike’s 12 year old sister last week.

In just a couple of hours, we made 3 very different flavors of scrubs – Strawberry, Coconut Lime, and Calming Lavender.

Unlike the other two scrubs, to which we made significant changes to their recipes, we were able to follow this one from Lemon Lime Adventures almost to a T.


This sugar scrub was definitely the simplest. A cup and a half of sugar, a bit over a 1/4 cup of coconut oil, and 25 (not 10, again!) drops of lavender essential oils.  After the extra steps involved in the last 2 scrubs, it was great to just throw these ingredients right into the bowl to finish off a great afternoon of crafting.


To get this great light purple color, I mixed three drops of red food coloring and two drops of blue. Same packaging as before – twist some gold and silver twine into a bow, and stick a purple post it clipping under packing tape on the top.

Here’s a shareable recipe block below. The nice thing about this scrub was that it was more of an adult’s scrub – it didn’t smell quite so fruity, and it looked like you might be able to sell it at a farmer’s market for $20 a jar. Plus, Casey used this scrub all day, and kept talking about how smooth her hands were after. Of all three scrubs we made, this was definitely my favorite! A great gift, and a treat I’ve now been giving my hands every night before bed.

lavender scrub

Shareable link for our Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub


Did you miss the first two scrubs we made? Check out our Strawberry Sugar Scrub and Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub to put together a great gift set!

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