Jarred Roses

Two weeks ago, Mike and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date – and next week, we’ll celebrate our one year anniversary as an “official” couple.

On our first date, we talked about Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette, which was ending right around the time we started dating. I was telling Mike how, as much as I loved the show, it was unrealistic for people to get the idea that real relationships can form on that show when they’re jetsetting around the world to these beautiful locations not living a typical life.

The next date, we found ourselves out on Mike’s boat drinking wine and watching the sunset. All of a sudden, Mike pulled a rose out from a hidden hatch and asked if I would accept the rose – a move I found absolutely corny but ended up loving, and it became a fun new tradition that we weaved into a lot of our early dates.

roses in jars

All of the roses I’ve gotten from Mike this year

As I started to collect more and more roses, I thought I might want to preserve them, since things started becoming more serious. I’ve pressed roses before, but then they just end up hiding in books, so I did a little Pinterest research.

I decided to display the roses in airtight jars that I could use as decorations on my desk or around my house. Right now, the jars are on our bedroom dresser.

Preserving the roses is so easy. Once they start to die, take them out of water but leave them in the vase to dry out for about 2 weeks. Then, clip off the stems and spray the flowers with any hairspray. Dry the flowers out again, really well – about 5-6 hours – and then arrange them in the jar. Keep the jar airtight, and you’ll keep your roses intact forever!


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