Entryway Sunglasses Hanger – 10 Minute DIY


The finished view — see the “before” below!

It’s an age-old dilemma. How do I store my sunglasses in a way that:
– will display them stylishly
– will keep them from scratching and breaking
– and will remind me to grab them on my way out the door?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for years. I’ve tried putting each pair in a cloth case and keeping the collection in a coffee can… I’ve tried laying sunnies flat in a tray by the door… I’ve tried leaving multiple pairs in their cases in my purse and in my car. Nothing has done the trick, and now that I live with Mike, the collection of sunnies to store is growing. We had to figure out a way to make our sunglass rack like our key rack – a hanging set of hooks right by the door.

After some research, I found this clever, EASY project that took no time at all.


Here’s the before – sunglasses stacked in a pile at the door

Quick Steps to Your Sunglasses Organization Dream
1. Measure. We matched the width of the whale keyholder we have hanging next to the door, since we planned to hang the sunglasses holder above it.


2. Cut. We used extra plywood from another DIY project you’ll read about forthcoming.


3. Paint! I had tons of blue paint left over from my Nautical Dresser upcycle, and I just made enough homemade chalk paint for 2 quick coats. Color – Valspar Ambient Light

4. Seal. Polycrylic is my new best friend. Bye bye furniture wax, bye buy spray sealants… polycrylic all day every day. For a high traffic piece, the durability of a clear polycrylic is the best way to preserve your work. I like Miniwax.

5. Drill. Two quick, small holes about 2 inches from the edge of the plywood in either direction.


6. String. I used suede leather cord in a coordinating color. Simply thread the cord through the hole, and tie a quick knot in the back!


7. Hang! No studs needed, this is pretty light, even with the sunglasses hanging from it. We used Command strips and they’re staying just perfectly.

Isn’t this cool?


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