Housewarming Gift Favorite: Heart Over Home

In the “old days,” as my parents call it, Westerly (my hometown) was different. If you were born in Westerly, you grew up in Westerly, you went to college at URI or CCRI, and then when you graduated you worked in Westerly and you probably married someone from Westerly.

Times have changed and the world has gotten a lot bigger for Rhode Islanders. Though I went to college in Rhode Island, most of my friends at Brown weren’t from around here, which immediately widened the map of where my friends ended up after 4 years. Add to that close friends from high school moving around the country, and you’ve already flown 5 hours in either direction from New England!

Now that my friend group has also expanded to include Mike’s, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover when it comes to making visits. As we approach 30, we’re also starting to see our friends move in together, get married, and buy their first homes.

The first instance I can remember of my friends Adulting was when my closest high school pal moved two hours outside of Seattle with her future husband. (Hi, Cat!) I was a broke, 24 year old New Yorker at the time, and had no idea what to get them as congratulations for such a big move.

That’s when I discovered these ADORABLE prints from Meredith P Designs on Etsy.


I left my heart in the very bottom left of Rhode Island…

Could these be more precious? The seller does prints in any color, on various backgrounds, and leaves a heart over where you call home. I immediately purchased my friend a piece with a heart over Oak Harbor, Washington, where she’ll continue to live until her husband is out of the Navy.

Since then, c

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I’ve given these prints to a few other friends over the years, and they’ve always been well received. Check out Meredith P Designs on Etsy and bring your heart home.


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