Status: Off Hiatus


Over the past few months, I’ve discovered something not-so-revolutionary… getting your doctorate is hard!! All the time I had over the summer to craft and blog and run – sucked away and replaced by flash cards and long afternoons at school practicing my newly-acquired physical therapy skills.

That said, I can finally say that I have gotten into the “groove” of grad school. While fall semester felt really long, really overwhelming, and really hard, spring semester has been a welcome turnaround and has left me with some – gasp! – actual free time. I hope to spend some of this hard-earned free time to get back into updating this blog to share my DIY and experiences as I go.

I plan to continue writing about my favorite recipes and my crafts/DIY projects around the house. But, alongside that, I’ll also be writing about my experience planning a wedding because –  I’m engaged! On October 22, 2017, Mike, (my fiance!), took me on what I thought would be a typical boat ride after an 8-hour day painting our deck. (You may recognize that project from My Summer Checklist.) Needless to say, that project did NOT get finished, because that sunset boat ride was actually a grand plan for a proposal! It was a really perfect and sentimental moment.



Posts Coming Up:
– Deck Project – The Second Summer
– DIY Platform Bed with Storage << that’s right we’re BUILDING A BED!
– Pup Treats for a Birthday Pawty
– Arizona Vacation: Prescott, Sedona, and Phoenix
– Clean, High Protein Breakfasts
– Wedding Planning: So Far


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