About Me

img_4773I’m Dominique. Well, actually, I’m Dom, but I introduce myself as Dominique in hopes that one less person will confuse me with the elusive Dawn I’ve been hearing about all these years.

Welcome to my world.

In it, you’ll find running shoes, cooking tools, craft supplies, and dog treats, all with some travel and beach time mixed in.

And now it’s here, on this blog.


I’m a salesperson turned Doctor of Physical Therapy student, a Rhode Islander turned New Yorker turned Rhode Islander, and a single girl in the city turned suburban fiance and dog mom on the beach.

My fiance, Mike, thinks I should have called this blog Student Housewife, and I think that’s hilarious. Instead, I named it Sunshine from Scratch — based on my favorite quote.


If you’d like to know more or have an idea, please email me at dominiquemferraro@gmail.com

All ideas, comments, and content are written exclusively by me unless otherwise noted. To work with me, use my material, or report an issue, please contact me directly. Thank you!



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