Status: Off Hiatus


Over the past few months, I’ve discovered something not-so-revolutionary… getting your doctorate is hard!! All the time I had over the summer to craft and blog and run – sucked away and replaced by flash cards and long afternoons at school practicing my newly-acquired physical therapy skills.

That said, I can finally say that I have gotten into the “groove” of grad school. While fall semester felt really long, really overwhelming, and really hard, spring semester has been a welcome turnaround and has left me with some – gasp! – actual free time. I hope to spend some of this hard-earned free time to get back into updating this blog to share my DIY and experiences as I go.

I plan to continue writing about my favorite recipes and my crafts/DIY projects around the house. But, alongside that, I’ll also be writing about my experience planning a wedding because –  I’m engaged! On October 22, 2017, Mike, (my fiance!), took me on what I thought would be a typical boat ride after an 8-hour day painting our deck. (You may recognize that project from My Summer Checklist.) Needless to say, that project did NOT get finished, because that sunset boat ride was actually a grand plan for a proposal! It was a really perfect and sentimental moment.



Posts Coming Up:
– Deck Project – The Second Summer
– DIY Platform Bed with Storage << that’s right we’re BUILDING A BED!
– Pup Treats for a Birthday Pawty
– Arizona Vacation: Prescott, Sedona, and Phoenix
– Clean, High Protein Breakfasts
– Wedding Planning: So Far


My Summer Checklist

I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve never taken time off.

I’ve had a job since I was legally able to work – at 14, I hauled chairs and umbrellas at a beach club every summer; by the time I was 21 I had worked my way up to a senior waitress position. Two weeks after graduating college, I moved to NYC, and I’ve not stopped working since.

So, for the first time in 14 years, I took a summer break! After my big intro grad class ended, my plans for the month extended as far as naps, bad TV, and getting as much sun as humanly possible. Just kidding… my plans extended as far as very specific house projects, bad TV, and learning a bunch of new recipes for the fall. Plus the sun part!

Here’s a quick review of my Summer Checklist, and how my projects went…

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