Eggs Benny Bonanza

eggs benny

Mike is not a fan of his birthday – which is why I’m posting this months later. His request this year, in lieu of a gift, was that I make his two favorite meals to enjoy with him.

Breakfast? Eggs Benny. From scratch.

Not sure if you guys know this, but eggs benedict is weirdly enough one of the hardest things you could ever make at home. Seriously, this dish took me forever and was so stressful. THAT SAID — it was so rewarding, and I will definitely keep this one in my back pocket for special occasions in the future.

First things first — the hollandaise. I reached out to my cousin, a former chef, to get his infamous hollandaise recipe. He made it sound so simple. His exact words (via Facebook, because he now lives in Belgium), were “You just need clarified butter, egg yolks (each yolk holds 2 oz of butter), using a bain-marie just whip your butter into your yolks, keep whipping till done, finish with salt pepper lemon juice. good luck :)”

Who knew the luck was what I needed the most?

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