Homemade Chalk Paint

My mom always told me that if I wanted something done right, I should do it myself. So, when I decided to take on this Nautical Dresser project, I took that advice to heart. Instead of using the same chalk paint we bought to refurbish her grandmother’s antique vanity set last summer, I made my own recipe – and it was so worth it!

With the homemade paint, I was able to play with the consistency to find the perfect thickness, and the resulting dresser came out even better than the vanity – and felt easier to paint, too.

chalk paint.jpg

As a bartender and at home dinner chef, I’m rarely exact with my recipes, and the same applies here. By using parts, you’ll have a general idea of the ratio of paint to chalk, and can make small tweaks and adjustments to get a final consistency you like.

While the type and brand of paint doesn’t matter (you could use satin or eggshell if you’re in a pinch), flat latex paint gives the best chalky look and finish. I went with Clark and Kensington – a budget brand that’s not the bottom of the barrel price.

The real key here is using POWDERED calcium carbonate. Investing in chalk in powdered form will save you a lot of time and frustration, and will be guaranteed to work. Plus, you’ll have enough for a ton of projects. I like this one from Amazon.

Happy chalking!